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Zoomed Into The Broken Mirror
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fractional dimension.
not 2-d not 3-d,
yes, decimal points.

everywhere you look there are fractals.
have you ever measured a coastline,
gazed in wonder at the leaves of a fern,
or the shape of a mushroom?
these shapes are fractals.
endless self-similar repeating geometric figures.

to create beautiful art through the most logical of mediums, mathematics.
exploring chaos and the patterns within.
the concept of neverending infinite loops.

video feedback. audio feedback. when your microphone comes to close to the speaker,
you are hearing fractals
they are an inherent part of our universe.

come explore fractals with us.
ideas, concepts, art, formulas, questions, answers, debate the nature of fractal consciousness.

or just post pretty fractals you found/made.

this commune is co-moderated by knigel (cyberknigel@shaw.ca) and kittenpaws, please contact either of us with any feedback[...pun intended].

rules [aka fractal formula]:

*Use LJ-Cut for larger posts please!*
*no asking for Codes or posting quizzes.*
*Please Keep on Topic*
*kittenpaws owns your soul.*